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Deciding to Rent or Own


Buying a home has many advantages, but so does renting. The best choice depends on your life situation.  

Here are a few important benefits of homeownership:

  • Pride of homeownership. Having a home of your own gives a sense of pride and the freedom to live as you wish.  You can have pets and make changes to your home to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

  • Homeownership builds wealth. Over time, a home typically appreciates in value, and at the same time you gradually increase your wealth as you pay down your mortgage.

  • Stability. With a home purchase, you set down some roots. You may find yourself more settled and committed to connecting with neighbors and improving your community.


The advantages of renting:

  • Greater mobility. If you choose to move, it’s much easier when you are renting.

  • Monthly costs. Often, the monthly cost of a mortgage, utilities and maintenance is higher than rent – though this isn’t always the case.

  • Maintenance and repairs.  When you rent, repairs are the landlord’s responsibility. When you own a home, you have to make the repairs yourself or pay someone else to do them.

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